SME DIGITAL Support Program

Funded as an initiative of the Austrian Economic Chamber and Austrian Federal Ministry of Economic Affairs to analyse and execute your company's level of interconnected digitization and more ...

Digitization trends offer a great potential and new business opportunities for entrepreneurs and their companies. The new digitization program SME DIGITAL of the Austrian Economic Chambers in cooperation with the Federal Ministry of Economic Affairs provides comprehensive support for these opportunities, especially for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).

We bring you up to speed in 4 steps as part of the SME DIGITAL program:

  1. SME DIGITAL Online Status Check:  How digital is my business? "Self Assessement", free online status check evaluation
  2. SME DIGITAL Potential analysis: What should change and how? Free potential analysis conducted by our certified digitization consultants
  3. SME DIGITAL Consulting: How do I get there? Consulting and implementation work funded 50% through our certified digitization consultants
  4. SME DIGITAL Qualification: Expanding digital skills for entrepreneurs and employees alike with support training and continued education, max. funding of 4.000 € 
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