"You never solve a problem by putting it on ice..“
- Winston Churchill

prosser management consulting: 
Solutions with a Vision.


WE are the leading management consulting firm within the manufacturing industry with FOCUS on products related to the automotive markets for individual applications in the vehicle.

OUR long standing experience in various industries and organizational sectors operational as well as executives shaped us into the preferred consulting partner in the automotive industry.

The vast network of automotive OEMs and TIER 1s in Europe and NAFTA offers quite an efficient access to the market.

Nevertheless our portfolio also finds application in "non automotive" organizations and business units.

As a "Full Service Consulting Partner" due to our large network of expertise we support Operations, QA, IT, Controlling, strategic Procurement as well as HR management. 

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We perfect your business  
Real life Solutions.

The Foundation

of our success is our extensive network in the automotive industry and its vendors and suppliers for technically challenging parts and products.

Better advised

our team experienced team of technical professionals offers excellent consulting services to organizations in the european and north american automotive industry.

Timely results

achieved with 100% client satisfaction is our reward for challenging projects and tasks with proven track record.

Cutting-edge and Imaginary

Ready when you are.

We respond to all inquiries within 24h

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