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Due to our local offices in Vienna, Stuttgart, Valencia, Paris, Detroit we can offer our performance portfolio within the european marketplace as well as within NAFTA. Even though our specialities lie within the automotive industry, our recommendations also find application in the "non-automotive" area. Our long standing access to the OEMs and the resulting constantly growing network qualifies us as the Subject Matter Experts of the industry. 


We have the knowhow where and how a Product has to be placed combined with the organizational and qualitative prerequisites resulting in its final serial production. Together with you, we creative the ideal customer landscape that supports your product strategy prompting your organization. Last but not least, we will also support your industrialization, product management and other areas which can be found under "Services ON TOP".

Interim Management

SHORT term management...
Filling of key positions in the organization with leadership responsibilities in the following areas:  C-Suite, Sales, Project management, QA, Production & Maintenance, IT and Consulting.  Or operational in the aforementioned areas imbedded in an existing team for any duration that seams reasonable and necessary for you to find permanent employees. 


We analyze, install, optimize and finesse YOUR Product value chain and oversee production with appropriate KPIs.  Excellent Shop Floor Management from arrival of product, to manufacturing processes, with integrated In House Logistics (WIPs), to delivery of product including production preparation & controlling.  Portfolio Optimization from Ruest processes to maintenance.

Services ON TOP

Lean Manufacturing, support programs in AUT & EU, Industry 4.0.  Smart Production, Analysis of Potential for KMUs for digitalization, learning & development programs to training, workshops for project management and business development. We also develop and lead expansion efforts, specifically for the creation of sister organizations in NAFTA areas,  and we will also show you potential scenarios. 

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