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„Standing together to crush the competition”

Our Team: More than the sum
of its parts.

Ever single person on our team is "unique" in his professional development, technical knowhow, his successes and failures and his strength and weaknesses.  What unites us is friendship and mutual respect over many years despite the fact that each and everyone of us went into different directions professionally.  The ability and willingness to change in order to create a greater "Whole" has brought us together in this current professional constellation.

The healthy mix of technical knowhow in the various product categories including supply chain of a single manufacturing firm along with business acumen in all organizational areas guarantees YOUR success.  We stand out through social competence, professionalism, pragmatism, quick reaction and efficiency.  As prosser management consulting WE thrive to create MAGNIFICENCE for YOU and introduce ourselves as your dedicated "Dreamteam". 

Manager - Influencer - Visionary

Werner Prosser / Managing Director

Master of Polymer Science

18 years of leadership and general management of international sales, engineering and project management
Focus: Strong background of automotive and non-automotive products, international sales, project management, manufacturing, interim authorization: General Manager - Sales - Project Management - Operations
2 years experience as a Senior Consultant in the automotive industry

Languages: German, English


Querdenker - Accelerator - Networker

Guenter Eizenhoefer / Associated Partner

Master of Business Administration

28 years of international leadership Middle-Market Companies, Private Equity und Company Groups
Focus: Technical sales and strategy, general management and share holder, corporate management, coaching of the "Executive Level", interim authorization: General Management Sales
8 years experience as a Senior Consultant in the automotive industry

Languages: German, English, Spanish, France

Idea Giver - Analyst - Implementor

Matthias Fox / Associated Partner

Master of Vehicle Construction-/Mechanical Engineering
MBA Automotive Engineering

19 years experience in international sales, engineering und project management
Focus: Technical sales, market analysis, quality management, interim authorization: Sales - Project Management - Quality
5 years experiences as a als Senior Consultant in the automotive industry

Languages: German, English, Spanish

Business Processes - Production - Logistics

TSM - Services / Corporate Partner

Cooperative-Enterprise since 2017

13 well pratical consultants as a core team and approx. 30 close related consultants within our network
Focus: Production optimization, network control, management consulting, supply chain management, IT and coaching.
Consulting firm since 1989 for the manufacturing industry of the automotive and non-automotive market

Interim-mandate for Production, Maintenance, Controlling and Project Management

Ready when you are.

We respond to all inquiries within 24h

Location Vienna
Deissenhofergasse 11 
1230 Wien