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„Where advice is lacking, strategies fail...“

Consulting with Expertise.
Solutions for the Long Term.

prosser management consulting is a sole proprietorship headquartered in Vienna, Austria, founded by Dipl. Ing. Werner Prosser on 01.12.2016. 

Prosser management consulting sees itself as a contributing partner to the manufacturing industry with the goal to optimize processes, business units, projects and products with a lean organizational structure enabling the consulting teams to operate independent from each other optimizing your individual situation and results.

We develop solutions that fit your specific needs generating mutually beneficial business relationships while continuing our customers satisfaction to the utmost degree.


The way we work:
Finding levers, and apply them correctly.

We pay attention, we listen carefully!

Spotting problems today, formulating clear goals for the future we develop solutions that lead you to long lasting, sustainable success in your business dealings.

Thinking and executing with the strategic goal in mind.

 If GOALS, the MISSION or VISION along with the CURRENT STATE are known, a road map with milestones can be developed that clearly shows WHAT is necessary to reach the goals.

Looking for individual solutions and strategies.

Each consulting project is unique and only applicable to your specific needs.  The key to your success is our customized, individual approach.

  • Prosser Management consulting did an excellent job guiding us.  His network was hugely effective and lead to the desired results. 

    Input were great.  Extremely diligent, when we is taking something over, he steps back for a minute, contemplates and comes back with precise observations and asks the right questions.  Calm, collected, professional appearance.


    — Christoph Zelger, Spac SpA

  • Mr. DI Werner Prosser has the natural aptitude for strategic possibilities, but also has the crystal clear vision for practical execution (which is what I miss with most other consultants).  Coming from reality working for reality.  A person you can count on with a healthy dose of toughness.  Excellently prepared, well thought out arguments, strength and honor enable him to face and handle large accounts and corporate wise projects.  Is able to reach fair compromise and is extremely loyal.  Sometimes boarding on "stubbornness", can get lost in an issue.  A through and through great guy, fine gentleman with edges and curves. 


    —  Guenter Eizenhoefer, Eizenhoefer Management Consulting

Ready when you are.

We respond to all inquiries within 24h

Location Vienna
Deissenhofergasse 11 
1230 Wien